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Ian Douglass is an artist and writer from Chicago.

“My paintings liquify abstraction into reality, to free life from the definitions and conceptions placed upon it. I want to melt tensile intellect with the ether of dreams.

I paint on sheets of plastic with acrylic paint, as both materials are democratic and available anywhere. The plastic sheets also allow for bizarre interactions and transparencies, with the ability to view both sides of the painting, the hidden side of things. These materials are both direct and illusory, representing our throw-away society while also remaining durable and lightweight.

My work also focuses on nomadism. A feeling of never belonging anywhere, and therefore belonging everywhere. I always want to be 'other'. This practice insists on transforming places of despair, such as a prison cell, into a studio.”


Hallucinations from the Castle's Prison 

Solo Exhibition • Castle Wil, Switzerland August 2015

From June through August 2015, I lived and worked in isolation in a prison cell next to the  Castle Wil  in a rural region of Switzerland, producing 27 paintings. This body of work is my first international solo exhibition, on view within the walls of the reverberating prison cells forever. 





Collaborative Performance March 2017 Sesama Gallery • Yogyakarta, Indonesia

In this collaborative performance, I performed an improvised ballet dance, wearing a custom-made recycled plastic tutu. Paint dripped off the tutu during the performance, creating a floor-painting. This spillage was then cleaned up, eradicating the proof. The piece reflects my childhood tension of dancing ballet in the violent hyper-masculinity of Chicago. The performance embodies our complex relationships with violence, secrets, gender and our true selves.


New York City

Parsons the New School for Design • BFA Industrial Design 2015

Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts • BA History 2015